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AdverCon - advertising & consulting - is a full service Marketing and PR company located in Russia. We specialize in supporting Western producers in marketing and promotion of their products in Russia - the field we have been successful for over 20 years.


PR & Advertising

Professional solutions for complex project in the Russian market.

  • Effective promotion in Russia by using basic and additional marketing tools
  • Media plan Development and Implementation 
  • Preparation for exhibitions (invitation dissemination, stand decoration)


High quality translation is the most important part of successful cooperation with a foreign partner in order to get your message clearly.

  • Advertising materials 
  • News and press releases
  • Web-sites and software 
  • Reports and business offers
  • Technical documentation (manuals) 
  • Legal documents 
  • Languages: Russian, English, German, Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian


Professionally made presentation of your company to a  Russian customer — an important part of your marketing strategy in the Russian market. 

Please note that all the materials should be in the Russian language – to show your respect to your potential customers and avoid misunderstanding. 

  • Preparation of material; 
  • Copywriting or translation/proofreading; 
  • Advertising articles; 
  • Lay-out development; 
  • Lay-out setting; 
  • Prepress.


If don’t find any solution that can be effective for you and your business, please, get in touch, and we will help you  develop a cohesive tool to maximize your budget and reach the most potentials within your target audience.


Located in Russia, we offer you a detailed understanding of one of the most perspective sales markets in the world for you to achieve the existing goals and find more prosperity and benefits in Russia.

'Wood Harvesting. Business and career'
Specialized branch portal for timber professionals

Magazine 'Wood Harvesting. Business and career'

WOOD HARVESTING. Business and Career – specialized branch portal for professionals engaged in wood harvesting and closely related spheres.

The main peculiarity lies in the topics covered by the portal – not just the whole timber industry, but only harvesting sector and related issues.

Catalogue 'Advanced Technologies
for Forestry Complex'
Catalogue of world leading machinery producers for Russian market

Advanced Technologies for Forestry Complex

Catalogue participation is perfect opportunity to promote your company and products among your target group in Russia! 

Producers of any kind of equipment for timber industry are welcome to participate in this catalogue of manufacturing companies and their products – equipment and other products relating to timber industry. 

Here you can place information regarding your company, contact details, and – most importantly – descriptions and photographs of your products. 

Specialized branch magazine for wood harvesting and woodworking professionals


FOREST and WOODWORKING – specialized branch magazine for professionals engaged in wood harvesting and woodworking industries.

Different types
of work

We prepares and realizes a wide range of projects aiming to contributing to your business development

Brochure 'Power of cooperation'

AdverCon found an effective solution to combine Heinola and Hekotek forces in the field of joint advertising materials development. 

The brochure included description of the projects being realized and realized in Russia, technologies and equipment that is well known in the Russian and world timber market, interviews, etc. 

Peculiarity of the project that faced AdverCon specialists was that this edition became the first experience of cooperation of Heinola and Hekotek forces in the field of joint advertising materials development.